Tubewriter Company Profile

California Advanced Labeling, Inc., manufacturer of the TubeWriter product line, is dedicated to direct labeling solutions to the life sciences industry. Each of the products in the TubeWriter suite prints on any laboratory tube, slide or plate.

The idea of a TubeWriter that would print DIRECTLY on 1.5ml microcentrifuge tubes commonly found in most labs was conceived in 1999 after constant complaints about how hand-labeling tubes was a real PAIN and a waste of time.  And while many people have used adhesive round stickers to label the top of their tubes, these stickers fall off when exposed to boiling water baths and liquid nitrogen.

That is why we decided to make the TubeWriter products – affordable, benchtop solutions that directly write on the tubes, slides and plates that you commonly use. With Microsoft Excel programming on your PC or Mac and storing of regularly used spreadsheets, you will never go back to hand-labeling tubes or using stickers.

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