Biorepositories and Biobanks are critical to therapeutic development to ensure biological specimens are secured and protected.  Biorepository sample labeling requires dependable, readable labels on tubes, vials, and tissue cassettes for researchers who want to access collected tissues and cellular samples.


What if you never had to scribble on another label on a tissue collection tube again?


More than 100 satisfied customers throughout the world, including pharmaceutical companies, the U.S. Army and biorepositories, rely on TubeWriter™ 360 for vial and tube labeling for their storage facilities because it can:

  • Complete tube or biopsy cassette printing 80% faster than traditional methods.
  • Create 2D data matrix and other barcodes for positive specimen identification.
  • Easily integrate with LIMS, Excel or custom databases.
  • Eliminate lab labels for cryovials, cassettes and cryogenic storage.

360 with Corning Cryovials

Label Tubes and CryoVials Faster

Whether your biorespository storage facility is the size of a refrigerator or a warehouse, you have a lot of samples to label. Don’t let vial labeling become a bottleneck to groundbreaking research and new product development. You can cut labeling time by more than 80% when you use the TubeWriter™ 360 to print directly on these and other cell bank flasks including:

  • Cryovials
  • Matrix / micronic storage tubes
  • Petri dishes
  • Tissue culture flasks
  • Anything that fits under the inkjet print head

Streamline Biorepository Mega-Cassette Labeling 

Eliminate the need for sticky labels in a dozen different sizes. Prevent sloppy, unreadable handwriting on important vial labels. Ensure positive specimen identification every time by adding standards-based barcodes to biorepositories’ storage cassettes and tubes. Because the TubeWriter™ 360 is fast and easy to use, you can achieve all of this and more.

You can label up to 2,500 tubes in one hour by following a few simple steps:

  • Load cassettes into TubeWriter™ 360.
  • Connect TubeWriter™ 360 to a computer.
  • Print data from Microsoft Excel, comma delimited files, LIMS or your custom database.

Trust Our Durable Tube Labeling

TubeWriter™ 360 prints directly onto virtually any tissue cassette, mega-cassette or tube. The thermally stable labeling ink can stand up to liquid nitrogen exposure and extreme temperatures, such as a -80 degree C (-112 degree F) freezer commonly used for biorepositories.

The TubeWriter™ 360 uses well-tested, industrial inkjet technology. Because it does not use adhesives or stick-on vial labels, you don’t have to worry about lab labels hardening and coming off in cryogenic storage. And because there is no label, you can use automated handling racks for matrix/micronic tubes without worrying about time-consuming jams.

Add TubeWriter 360 to Your Biorepository or BioBank Facility

See why thousands of scientists and laboratory workers trust TubeWriter 360 for tissue storage labeling. With its reliability, durability and flexibility, TubeWriter 360 will pay for itself. Let us show you how.



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