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The Client and the Challenge

The toxicology department at LabCorp is a high throughput laboratory, processing samples 24 hours a day. Manual labeling was a real bottleneck in the workflow of the lab. Scientists were using a combination of handwriting and sticker labels, resulting in variations in labels from scientist to scientist. LabCorp knew that they needed to seek out automation in order to keep up with their workload.

How TubeWriter Helped

LabCorp uses their TubeWriter in conjunction with a Hamilton Assay Ready Workstation. This allows scientists to quickly create samples in accordance with the unique tests ordered for each patient. The TubeWriter has a straightforward, easy to use software interface, allowing for seamless integration with the Hamilton Workstations. Scientists no longer need to double and triple-check their samples to make sure they are creating enough samples for accurate testing. The TubeWriter has become a staple in the lab, being used every single day.

Client Testimonial

“The TubeWriter is ran 24 hours a day, we literally don’t turn them off

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The Client and the Challenge

The TubeWriter and Hamilton Assay Ready Workstation are a winning combination for LabCorp. The easy-to-use software interface and seamless integration with the Hamilton Workstations allow scientists to quickly and accurately create samples for each patient’s unique tests. The TubeWriter eliminates the need for double and triple-checking, freeing up valuable time for other tasks. Its reliable performance and daily usage make it a staple in the lab, ensuring consistent and efficient sample labeling for accurate testing.

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