Lab Sample Labeling Automation

Labeling samples in a laboratory can be a challenging task.  At TubeWriter we offer a great solution to this problem and more.

The Client and the Challenge

Researchers at Vertex struggled to find a labeling solution that could survive the various conditions that samples endure in the lab. Sticker labels were not lasting on samples as they changed hands, were frozen, boiled, and scraped by boxes and racks. The stickers also added weight to the tubes, which had to be adjusted for when conducting testing. The lab tested different types of manual labeling, handwriting and various stickers but described their experiences as “awful.”

How TubeWriter Helped

The TubeWriter creates durable labels meant to withstand harsh laboratory conditions. Scientists have to expose samples to extreme temperatures and some chemicals, such as alcohol. With the TubeWriter, they can be confident that their labels will last. The TubeWriter labels also do not add significant weight to the samples, allowing samples to be weighed at any point in an experiment without including label weight in calculations.

Client Testimonial

“Before, when we were handwriting or stickering the tubes, it would take four hours to do 1,000 tubes.  Now it takes three minutes.”

“The time value alone is innumerable on hours saved.”

The Benefits of Automated Tube Labeling for Your Team

Streamline your laboratory processes with the TubeWriter and enjoy the benefits of automated tube labeling. The durable labels produced by the TubeWriter are designed to withstand harsh laboratory conditions, including extreme temperatures and chemicals like alcohol. This means that your team can have confidence in the longevity of the labels and the proper tracking of samples. The lightweight labels do not add significant weight to the samples, allowing for accurate measurement and analysis at any stage of the experiment. Automated tube labeling with the TubeWriter offers peace of mind and improved efficiency for your team.

The Client and the Challenge

The manual and time-consuming process of labeling tubes and vials can lead to inaccuracies, mismanagement, and decreased productivity. Intel faced lab challenges to find a solution that could automate the labeling process, improve accuracy, and increase overall efficiency. The TubeWriter 360 offers a solution to this challenge by providing a fast and reliable means of labeling a wide variety of tubes and vials, reducing the risk of errors and freeing up valuable time for their researchers to focus on their work.

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