Finally! How to Label 1000s of Vials a Day Without Peeling Any Sticky Labels

Direct Printing on Cryovials with Proven Durable Ink, not Labels.

2 mL Corning Cryovial labeling

Why Direct Cryovial Labeling is Better

When reliable results matter to your lab, mislabeled cryovials can result in months of time lost, unrepeatable results, and loss of funding. Further, regulatory agencies mandate specific labeling for pharmaceuticals, and non-compliance can cause delays, recalls, and other regulatory actions. Direct printing on samples for cold storage provides human readable labeling and barcodes that don’t come off under the harshest experimental protocols.

Tackling these Challenges with TubeWriter:

Durable cryovials labeling begins with proper preparation. The TubeWriter 400, an automated labeling machine, enables bulk printing directly on cryovials, ensuring efficiency and precision. Avoid manual errors and confusion by verifying the label to include all required information.

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5 Lines of Text or Barcodes

Most labs utilize the TubeWriter to add specimen identification including:

**Sample Name:** Clearly and legibly state the drug name.

**Experimental Details:** Clearly state the application, assay, or location on the label.

**Date:** Include the date frozen for easy retrieval.

**Sample ID:** Essential for tracking and tracing.

**Researcher Name:** Include the manufacturer or individual Researcher's name.

Why Proper Cryovial Labeling is Crucial

Besides durability TubeWriter offers numerous benefits:

Avoid errors and enhance productivity by adopting TubeWriter’s automatic vial labeling solution. Ensure compliance with labeling guidelines and experience improved efficiency in pharmaceuticals, laboratories, and biorepositories.

2 mL cryovials labeled

Need to Know More?

The TubeWriter is the ultimate Automatic Vial Labeling Machine, also known as a Vial Labeler or Tube Labeling Machine. Tailored for specific labeling needs in pharmaceuticals, laboratories, and biorepositories, it boasts impressive capacity for high-throughput labeling volumes. Its compatibility with various vial sizes and shapes ensures precision in labeling diverse specimen collection containers. For a seamless and effective labeling solution, the TubeWriter stands out as the go-to choice, offering versatility and reliability in one advanced Tube Printing Machine.

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