The PartMarker 360 is the only all-in-one small parts direct marking instrument available to mark you small industrial parts including IC marking, chip marking, cable marking and component marking.

Small parts direct marking used to require an assembly line, an industrial printer, and an in-house engineer team to co-ordinate the printer with the assembly line at costs in the six figures.

Now with PartMarker 360 your R&D, QC, incoming inspection, or outgoing identification departments and labs, can print with an all-in-one out-of-the-box system.  There is no software to learn as the system works with Microsoft Excel.

PartMarker 360 – Marking Machine

Print on a wide range of materials including metal, plastic, glass and paper.

If you need to print on irregular or flat surfaces, the PartMarker 360 can handle it all.

Optimum adhesion and durability are a must for commercial industrial part marking.  With many inks to choose from, the PartsMarker 360 can meet your petrol-resistant, nonfading or food processing industry needs.

Because the PartsMarker 360 can do both small and high-volume runs, your team is freed from having to decide on a one-size-fits all code.  For example, instead of only providing a lot number and a date, your team can now provide rich internal data on a particular part.  And that internal data can also be encoded into a barcode, 1D or 2D.  Each part is thus a walking database of information to downstream internal departments, customers or distributors providing traceability at all levels.

Here are some examples of small industrial parts we have printed on and types of markings:

PartMarker 360 – Marking Machine

  • IC chips: firmware version, known bugs, vendor part number, cost
  • Electronic Components
  • Cables
  • Packages
  • Die Run Codes
  • 2D Data Matrix
  • Temperature Range Codes


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