Automated Tube Printing

Every life science researcher demands a faster, more efficient, high-speed method for producing results.  Whether this is through a choice in consumable, use of a LIMS automation system, or use of robotics, tube labeling and printing should not be left to an antique methodology such as handwriting.

The TubeWriter 360 was made for directly printing on consumables such as cluster tubesPCR strips, hplc vials and clinical blood tubes, that come in thousands rather than one at a time.

In addition, the same TubeWriter 360 can be used to print your less-automated runs as well, either a set of 25 1.5mL microcentrifuge tubes, or slides, or histology cassettes.  Both the automated portion and the non-automated portion of your lab can use the same instrument.

tube labeler, tube labeling machine

The TubeWriter 360 cuts preparation time for large-scale tube labeling work, ensures sample integrity at low temperatures and requires no learning curve.

Unlike other high-speed automation devices, the TubeWriter 360 can fit on a standard laboratory bench or movable lab cart.  Also automation data is sent to the TubeWriter 360 via a simple Excel spreadsheet, not a separate scripting language your laboratory must learn.

Any Tube, Any Labware, Any Size: The TubeWriter 360 prints on anything that will fit under the inkjet printhead including the side or top of any tube, histology cassette, microscope slide, cryovial, and more. Never go back to messy handwriting or sticky lab labels again.

histology cassette labeling, histology labeler

Histology Cassette text and 2D automation barcode

Barcode Printing = Positive ID: Barcodes are the standard for any automated, high-throughput lab. Barcode standards such as Data Matrix, Linear, 2D, Code 128, Code 39 are all possible using the TubeWriter 360 tube labeling system. This enhanced capability allows you to integrate your barcode scanners to read the tubes and record data into your systems. Positive identification means no human errors during the tube labeling process.

LIMS or Excel Integration: Using the TubeWriter 360 tube labeling system is as easy as opening Excel and pressing print. TubeWriter 360 software receives text from Excel to be printed onto your labware. Confirm each line of print and number of tubes to be printed and you are ready to go.