vial labeling machine, vial labeler

360 with Corning Cryovials

Vial labeling is a thing of the past.

Because, the TubeWriter 360 does not use any labels.

It directly prints onto your vials.

What kinds of vials?

  • HPLC vials
  • Wheaton vials
  • Headspace vials
  • Autosampler vials
  • and many more

With a high-speed system and open-bay architecture perfect for the automated high-throughput lab, the TubeWriter 360 makes missing labels and worn hands a thing of the past. Its a vial labeling machine that can handle anything you throw at it.

The question is what could you accomplish if you saved the hours spent labeling vials?

More HPLC runs?
Faster mass spectrometry runs?
More accurate sample identification?

Contact us to ask about your specific vial labeling needs.

Any Vial, Any Labware, Any Size: The TubeWriter 360 prints on anything that will fit under the inkjet printhead including the side or top of any vial, histology cassette, microscope slide, cryovial, and more. Never go back to messy handwriting or sticky lab labels for your autosampler vials again.

Industrial Inkjet Technology: TubeWriter 360 employs an ink-delivery system used in over a quarter of a million systems world-wide.  The inkjet technology has been tested and re-tested in harsh industrial conditions.

LIMS or Excel Integration: Using the TubeWriter 360 vial labeling system is as easy as opening Excel and pressing print. TubeWriter 360 software receives text from Excel to be printed onto your labware. Confirm each line of print and number of tubes to be printed and you are ready to go.


See specifications and operation information here.