Easily Label Autosampler Vials
and Streamline Chromatography

It’s not unusual for an analytical chemistry lab to run between 250 and 1,000 autosampler vials a day. As a result, vial labeling becomes so difficult and time consuming that many analytical chemistry labs turn to unreliable hand-written vial labels for analytical chemistry or run autosampler vials without any label at all.

What if you had a fast, easy and reliable way to put high quality labels on every autosampler vial?

With the TubeWriter™ 360 it takes only one hour to label directly on to 2,500 glass vials, NMR caps or autosampler vials for analytical chemistry labs. TubeWriter™ 360, helps you:

  • Eliminate sticky vial labels by printing directly onto autosampler vials
  • Improve QA/QC with a reliable vial labeling system
  • Accelerate compound analysis—don’t let vial labeling slow you down
  • Ensure accurate specimen identification during compound analysis

Scientists at Merck Research Laboratories Agree

“With TubeWriter, the frustrating days of peel-and-stick labeling are a thing of the past. My small group has already printed thousands of tubes in a short span of time. It is very fast and simple to use. This investment has already paid out in terms of freeing up staff to do more value-added tasks..and we are all happier for it.”

—Research Biochemist, Merck Vaccines Process Development

Simple Vial Labels for Analytical Chemistry
—Every Vial Every Time

There is no need to guess at tare weights or standard concentrations when you can print the information directly onto your autosampler vials. And, because vial labeling is so easy with the TubeWriter™ 360, virtually anyone in your chromatography can do it. Simply open Excel and select print. TubeWriter™ 360 uses an ink jet delivery system to print directly onto:

  • HPLC vials
  • GC/MS vials
  • Headspace vials
  • 20 ml head space vials
  • 40 ml head space vials
  • NMR tubes
  • NMR caps
  • Autosampler vials
  • 12 x 32 mm vials
  • Glass vials
  • …and more

The Perfect Fit Across Many Industries

The TubeWriter™ 360can help analytical chemistry labs across a wide range of industries, including:

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Petroleum industry
  • Chemical manufacturers
  • Consumer food manufacturers
  • Cosmetic manufacturers

See How TubeWriter 360™ Improves Vial Labeling

Streamline operations and free employees for more value-added tasks when you can quickly and efficiently label thousands of glass vials, autosampler vials and other containers. We can have your chromatography lab up and running with the TubeWriter™ 360 in less than 5 days.


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