As a reagent manufacturer, your success depends on efficiencies and flexibilities. You need to internally research and develop reagent samples while also delivering production quality reagent samples that meet your customers’ specifications.
Reagent manufacturers who keep their focus on producing high-quality antibodies, enzymes, kits, flours, substrates know it’s hard to cut costs by cutting corners. But, what if you could reallocate one or more full time employees (FTEs) by adopting a more efficient and reliable tube labeling system?

Speed up Test Tube Labeling, Vial Labeling and Other Laboratory Label Needs

The TubeWriter™ 360 is an inkjet tube labeler that uses industrial quality technology to quickly, effectively and reliably label enzyme vials, micro tubes, reagent vials and more. Print labware with numbers, letters and symbols or choose from preferred barcode standards, including data matrix, linear, 2D, Code 128 and Code 39 barcodes. The TubeWriter™ 360 works on any plastic, metal or glass surface, so you can label nearly anything that fits beneath the inkjet print head, including:

  • Reagent vials
  • Screw cap tubes
  • Micro tubes
  • Anitbody vials
  • Kit reagent tubes
  • Enzyme vials
  • Bottles
  • Boxes

Ensure Your Vial Labels Arrive Intact

The quality and reliability of your reagent labels must extend beyond the manufacturing floor. Vial labeling with the TubeWriter™ 360 can stand up to challenging shipping conditions, including freezers, dry ice, packing systems and more. The thermally stable labeling ink gets printed directly onto your labware, bottles and boxes, so there are no adhesives or sticky labels that could harden or fall off.

The Perfect Fit for Large and Small Reagent Manufacturers

The TubeWriter™ 360 prints up to 2,500 tube labels per hour, making it more than capable of handling production for small to mid-size reagent manufacturers. If you are a higher-volume reagent manufacturer, use the TubeWriter™ 360 to make vial labels for custom reagent solutions and internal sample development. Because the TubeWriter™ 360 is up to 80 percent faster than other lab label methods, it will save time on the production line or in the research lab.

Make Quality Vial Labeling a Seamless Part of Your Reagent Services

Learn more about how TubeWriter™ 360 can assist you during reagent manufacturing, expression system development, assay building and kit creation. Give every one of your reagent tubes and vials a reliable and professional label—whether you are conducting internal R&D, producing one-time lots, or running a reagent assembly line.


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