DMPK testing facilities have a huge responsibility to the mice, rats, and other animals in their care. They also have a huge responsibility to reliably collect and label samples of blood, tissue and excretions at multiple time points. Effective research, toxicology and drug testing depends on accurately collected samples that use traceable tube labels for animal testing.
Are you clearly and reliably labeling every specimen in your DMPK studies? Are you taking tube labeling shortcuts that could compromise specimen ID and, ultimately, research results?

Fast, Simple Vial Labeling for Improved Efficiency

Labeling blood collection tubes, histology cassettes, microcentrifuge tubes and other labware with the TubeWriter™ 360 is so fast and simple that you will never hand write another vial label or risk running sample assessments without any label at all. With the TubeWriter™ 360, you can:

  • Label up to 2,500 tubes, vials or other containers per hour
  • Choose to incorporate barcodes for improved specimen ID
  • Increase efficiency during toxicology studies, drug studies and safety assessments
  • Integrate with LIMS, a custom database or print from Excel

Flexible, Easy-to-use Lab Labeling Solution

The TubeWriter™ 360requires virtually no learning curve. Let your laboratory animal service providers focus more on animal care and sample collection and worry less about tube labels for animal testing. Your lab staff can begin to reliably label vials and tubes with the TubeWriter™ 360in as few as five days.

Quality Labeling for Cryovial Storage

Animal testing labs that support new drug studies may need to save thousands of vials or tubes until the drug receives FDA approval. TubeWriter™ 360 makes cryovial labeling fast and simple. And, because the TubeWriter™ 360 prints directly onto cryovials, using thermally stable inkjet technology, you won’t have to worry about exposing adhesive-backed labels to extreme temperatures.

Adaptable Vial Labeling for Multiple Applications

The TubeWriter™ 360 improves efficiency and accuracy in animal testing laboratories that conduct all types of studies and research, including:

  • DMPK Studies
  • ADME testing
  • Drug testing
  • Toxicology screening
  • Veterinary medicine / science
  • Genotyping
  • …and more

Boost confidence in the traceability of your specimens as you take vials and tubes from vivariums to cryovial storage. Easy-to-use, reliable lab labeling with the TubeWriter™ 360 makes it possible while giving you more time for animal care or data analysis. Let us show you how it works.


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