Simple and Flexible Automation for Biotech Companies

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Laboratory automation represents a promising avenue of added value for biotech firms by helping to deal with ever-increasing throughput volumes and improving the quality and reliability of results.
Introducing automation systems helps not only to reduce repetitive manual labor during the experimental processes, but also enhances overall lab productivity while yielding more replicable and accurate results.
In this whitepaper we cover:
  • Sample tracking best practices
  • Managing audit trails
  • Unleashing the potential of your people

"Automation should be regarded as a tool to break the linear relationship between workload growth and cost."

The State of Automation in Biotech

The biotech industry deals with huge swathes of data and ever-growing volumes of samples, presenting many opportunities to generate efficiencies through the implementation of automation systems. However, statistics show relatively low rates of adoption of cutting-edge technologies.
Looking to the future, the lab of tomorrow is likely to rely much more heavily on machine learning and benchtop automation systems. Increasing uptake of automation equipment is being spurred on by the growing accessibility and advancement of automation technologies, as well as the falling costs of data
storage and processing.