Analytical Chemistry

In analytical chemistry labs, managing a high volume of autosampler vials is a daily challenge, especially when running between 250 and 1,000 vials each day. Traditional methods of vial labeling, often laborious and prone to errors, can significantly hinder the efficiency of these labs. This is where the TubeWriter 400 steps in as the right solution.

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What if you had a fast and reliable way to directly label every autosampler vial?

Consider the transformative impact of the TubeWriter 400 in your laboratory. This advanced tool can label up to 2,500 glass vials, NMR caps, or autosampler vials in just one hour. This brings an unprecedented level of efficiency to your workflow. The direct printing capability of the TubeWriter 400 not only eliminates the need for sticky labels, but also enhances the quality and reliability of your vial labeling. There is no need to guess at tare weights or standard concentrations when you can print the information directly onto your autosampler vials. And, because vial labeling is so easy with the TubeWriter 400, virtually anyone in your chromatography can do it. Simply open Excel and select <Print>.

Improve QA/QC Processes

This innovative approach to vial labeling is not just about saving time. It significantly improves your laboratory’s quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) processes. By ensuring consistent and reliable labeling, the TubeWriter 400 reduces the risk of misidentification. This is a crucial factor in compound analysis and specimen integrity. Furthermore, the TubeWriter 400 accelerates the compound analysis process. By removing the bottleneck of manual vial labeling, your team can focus more on the critical aspects of analytical chemistry, enhancing productivity and accuracy.

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Perfect Fit Across Many Industries

In the intricate world of analytical chemistry, where precision is not just a requirement but a necessity, the TubeWriter 400 stands out as a transformative tool. If you’re navigating the demanding environments of pharmaceutical, petroleum, food, or cosmetic industries, this device is tailored to meet your specific needs. The TubeWriter 400 dramatically reduces the time spent on labeling by up to 80% while ensuring that your autosampler vials are clearly and durably marked. This efficiency is crucial in chromatography applications, where accurate and legible labeling is pivotal for sample integrity and traceability. With the TubeWriter 400, you can streamline your laboratory workflows, dedicating more time to analytical pursuits and less to manual labeling tasks.

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The TubeWriter Team loves a challenge.  Do you have a unique lab consumable or surface that needs to be labeled clearly? We’ve helped 100s of scientists automatically label exotic, curved surfaces used in proprietary assays, protocols, and experiments, including those provided by an extensive range of life sciences product manufacturers.

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