TubeWriter™ 300 Labeling System

The TubeWriter™ 300 Labeling System is a cost-effective instrument for printing directly on curved surfaces, including tubes, vials, slides,  and plates. It is designed to address the needs of scaling labs at Biotechs and Academia running routine assays and medium throughput experiments.

Use the TubeWriter™ 300 Labeling System to print directly on any labware or curved surface to replace sticky labels and hand labeling

What’s Included in the TubeWriter™ 300 Labeling System?

TubeWriter™ 300 Printer

With a compact footprint for labs with tighter bench space, the TubeWriter 300 printer is designed for medium-speed labeling for everyday experimental protocols.


Key Features:

  • Tough polycarbonate outer shell protects personnel and samples from UV light
  • Inkjet printer can print up 5 lines of text on lab ware
  • Adjustable labeling for any curved surface
  • Prints on sides, caps and lids of tubes and vials

*For higher throughput labs, we recommend the TubeWriter™ 400.

UV Curable Ink System

Our patented UV curable ink components allow for labeling directly onto curved plastic and glass surfaces followed by UV curation to ensure printing stands up to harsh laboratory conditions.

  • Survives long-term storage at -80C and liquid nitrogen
  • Resistant to chemical solvents
  • Eliminates the need for sticky labels
  • Disposable cartridges with low replacement costs

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TubeWriter Software with Excel Interface

If you can use Excel and click two buttons, you can print on anything.

    • Utilize simple formulas, cut, paste, and fill
    • Generate unique identifiers for samples
    • Create text based labels written directly on labware
    • Direct import to most common LIMS systems

**The TubeWriter 300 is not compatible with barcodes and image.

Tube Labeler Excel System

Printing Racks

Two (2) interchangeable printing racks come with each TubeWriter™ 300 Labeling Systems allowing for rapid switching between lab ware types

  • Configurable for any curved or flat lab ware surface
  • Securely holds lab ware during printing
  • An asymmetric base ensures correct alignment for printing

**Custom racks are not available for the TubeWriter 300 System. Please consider the TubeWriter 400 for custom printing needs.



Data Input Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, comma delimited
Ink Waterproof, alcohol-resistant, UV-cured ink, Durable in liquid nitrogen and -80C
Printable Lines 2-5 lines with maximum of 50 characters per line (depends on labware)
Tubes printed per run 30 cryovials per rack; other tubes different capacities
Connectivity USB
Compatibility PC
Size and Weight 20” x 18” x 18” (WxLxH) 57 lbs.
Electrical 100-240 VAC 50/60hz
Warranty 1-year limited warranty; service contracts for years 2-5 available
Craftsmanship Manufactured in the U.S.A. Anodized aluminum construction. Digital stages.
Safety cage Polycarbonate cover included with the system at no charge

LIMS Integration:

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FAQ - TubeWriter™ 300 Labeling System

The TubeWriter prints on almost any labware. So anything from 0.2mL PCR tubes to 50mL conicals, glass or plastic, side or top. Histology cassettes, plates and microscope slides.

With each system you get to choose four standard racks. So out of the box you can print on any four tubes. But after opening the box, you can purchase more racks for more types of tubes.

The print resolution of our tube labeler is enough for 50 characters on 1.5mL microcentrifuge tubes. Or a 2D barcode on a PCR tube. The quality is such that you can do a barcode read from the tubes.

Depending on your settings, you can print as fast as around a tube a second. In most cases you will want to tradeoff some speed for higher solvency resistance. So plan on labeling a rack of tubes in about five minutes.

Around once per year, you’ll need to service the tube labeling machine.

We find most customers are happy with a standard 2D barcode and a DataMatrix 2D barcode. But we also offer most of the other major symbologies. Please note the barcodes are available at an additional cost with the TubeWriter 300.

You can have one of our experts create a template for you. Just email what you would like where; or draw something on the back of a napkin; or send us a tube to copy.


Or you can change parameters in the software yourself.

As easy as switching paper sizes in your desktop paper printer. Just use a different rack adapter and then select that rack adapter in the pull-down on the software.

The disposable cartridges last for 90 days each.

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