Tradition of Innovation

The TubeWriter™ 400 expands on the TubeWriter product line with new UV-curable disposable ink cartridge technology.  Smaller, more legible fonts are now possible on your tubes.

Many Tubes and Sizes: The TubeWriter™ 400 prints on almost anything, including tubes, vials, cryovials, and more. Never go back to messy handwriting or sticky lab labels again.

Hassle-Free: Disposable cartridges with integrated printheads mean no technician visits.

UV Curable Technology: TubeWriter™ 400 employs a UV curable ink that is durable in extreme lab conditions. Waterproof, 99% alcohol resistant, and durable in liquid nitrogen and temperatures down to -80C.

Data Entry: Use the same Microsoft Excel you are already familiar with.  You can use formulas, cut and paste, and fill.

400 Print Station

Who can benefit from 400?

• Cell banks storing cryovials exposed to liquid nitrogen and –80° C.
• Reagent manufacturers. Protects identification in dry ice and eliminates the use of adhesive labels
• QA / QC labs where every sample must be tracked and positively identified.
• High-volume clinical reference and testing labs
• Tube manufacturers needing flexible printing solutions for custom runs
• Life science organizations looking to reduce time-to-market on drug discovery.

Same TubeWriter, Cutting Edge Technology

• Direct tube printing eliminates adhesive labels and messy handwriting
• High-speed
• Microcentrifuge tubes, screw cap tubes, cryogenic vials and more
• Multiple fonts and images
• Excel Interface
• UV-LED ink cured immediately
• Disposable cartridge system

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Specifications for TubeWriter™ 400
Tube Labeling System

Data Input Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, comma delimited
Ink Waterproof, alcohol-resistant, UV-cured ink, Durable in liquid nitrogen and -80C
Printable Lines 2-5 lines with maximum of 50 characters per line (depends on labware)
Tubes printed per run 50 cryovials per rack; other tubes different capacities
Connectivity USB
Compatibility PC
Size and Weight 28” x 18” x 23” (WxLxH) 75 lbs.
Electrical 100-240 VAC 50/60hz
Warranty 1-year limited warranty; service contracts for years 2-5 available
Craftsmanship Manufactured in the U.S.A. Anodized aluminum construction. Digital stages.
Safety cage Polycarbonate cover included with the system at no charge