Animal Testing

DMPK labs are responsible for the care and sampling of a variety of animals. These samples can be stored in all sorts of labware, but must always have accurate labels. Effective research, toxicology and drug testing depends on accurately collected samples that use traceable tube labels for animal testing.


What if your labels never fell off in cryostorage?

The TubeWriter 400 has virtually no learning curve. Consequently, your laboratory animal service providers will focus on animal care and sample collection, instead of creating labels. New users can start reliably printing vial and tube labels with the TubeWriter 400 after about an hour of training.

Quality Labeling for Cryovial Storage

Animal testing labs that support new drug studies may need to save thousands of vials or tubes until the drug receives FDA approval. TubeWriter makes cryovial labeling fast and simple. Because the TubeWriter 400 prints directly onto cryovials using thermally stable inkjet technology, you won’t have to worry about exposing adhesive-backed labels to extreme temperatures.

TubeWriter 360 Test tube with 2D Barcode Matrix
TubeWriter 360 Test tube with 2D Barcode Matrix

Adaptable Vial Labeling for Multiple Applications

The TubeWriter 400 is suitable for use in all types of laboratories, regardless of what types of tests you perform With our flexible technology, the TubeWriter can create legible and durable labels on any type of tube without having to reprogram the software. This allows scientists to switch between labware in seconds.

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Work with Our Team of Industry Experts and Innovators

The TubeWriter Team loves a challenge.  Do you have a unique lab consumable or surface that needs to be labeled clearly? We’ve helped 100s of scientists automatically label exotic, curved surfaces used in proprietary assays, protocols, and experiments, including those provided by an extensive range of life sciences product manufacturers.

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