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viral transport media storage

Viral Media Labeling

TubeWriter™ 400 is a high-speed inkjet printer that prints directly on labware to eliminate the cumbersome and time consuming application of adhesive labels.

On-Demand Barcoding

One unidentified vial, one missing tube, or one unaccounted-for sample can result in exponential costs to a scientific or research lab.

Small Parts

With many inks to choose from, the PartsMarker 360 can meet your petrol-resistant, nonfading, or food-processing industry needs.

Centrifuge Test Tube

Centrifuge tubes are the most widely used tubes that require labeling. Printing on these tubes is done in batches of hundreds to thousands at a time.

Animal Testing

Are you clearly and reliably labeling every specimen in your DMPK studies? Are you taking tube labeling shortcuts that could compromise specimen ID and, ultimately, research results?

Reagent Manufacturers

As a reagent manufacturer, your success depends on efficiency and flexibility. You need to internally research and develop reagent samples while delivering quality in production.

Biorepository and Biobanks

Biorepositories and Biobanks are critical to therapeutic development to ensure biological specimens are secured and protected.

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Specimen ID

The TubeWriter™ 400 labels clinical tubes, whether glass or plastic. BD Vacutainers, or their MonoJet counterparts. Glass or plastic tubes.

Sample Identification

Reliable sample identification is critical to reduce sample mix up and ensure sample quality prior to running PCR-based assays or next-gen sequencing for patients as well as research labs.

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Analytical Chemistry

With the TubeWriter™ 400 it takes only one hour to label directly on to 2,500 glass vials, NMR caps or autosampler vials for analytical chemistry labs.