Biobanks And Biorepositories

Biobanks and  biorepositories play a pivotal role in therapeutic development. The secure and protected storage of biological specimens is absolutely vital. For technicians working in these facilities, the TubeWriter 400 offers an innovative solution. This includes ensuring dependable, readable labels on tubes, vials, and tissue cassettes.

Histology Cassette labeled with text and barcode

What if your labels never fell off in cryostorage?

The durability of the TubeWriter 400’s labeling is critical in biorepository environments. The machine prints directly onto almost any tissue cassette, mega-cassette, or tube, using thermally stable ink that can withstand exposure to liquid nitrogen and extreme freezer temperatures common in biorepositories. 

This robust industrial inkjet technology ensures that the labels remain intact in cryogenic storage. This particularly eliminates concerns about adhesive labels peeling off. Additionally, the absence of physical labels enables the use of automated handling racks for matrix/micronic tubes without the risk of jams, further enhancing the efficiency of biorepository operations.

Easily Label Large Volumes of Labware

The TubeWriter 400 is particularly beneficial when a large number of samples need to be labeled, regardless of the size of the biorepository storage facility. It efficiently handles a variety of labware, including cryovials, matrix/micronic storage tubes, petri dishes, tissue culture flasks, and more. Consequently, vial labeling never becomes a bottleneck in the process of groundbreaking research and new product development.

biobanks and biorepositories labeling
biobanks and biorepositories

Streamline Biorepository Mega-Cassette Labeling

For biorepositories managing a substantial volume of samples, the TubeWriter 400 streamlines the labeling process by enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of specimen identification. Adding standards-based barcodes to storage cassettes and tubes means preventing errors and improving the readability of labels. The ease of use of the TubeWriter 400 allows technicians to label up to 2,500 tubes in just one hour. Just load cassettes into the machine, connect it to a computer, and print data from Microsoft Excel, comma-delimited files, LIMS, or custom databases.

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The TubeWriter Team loves a challenge.  Do you have a unique lab consumable or surface that needs to be labeled clearly? We’ve helped 100s of scientists automatically label exotic, curved surfaces used in proprietary assays, protocols, and experiments, including those provided by an extensive range of life sciences product manufacturers.

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