Clinical Testing, Trials And Toxicology Screening

In the demanding realm of Clinical Research Laboratories, precision and efficiency in sample labeling are paramount. The TubeWriter™ 400 emerges as a vital tool for labs engaged in clinical trials, toxicology tests, and biopharmaceutical development. With an increasing reliance on contract research organizations (CROs) by pharmaceutical and biotech companies, your lab’s ability to efficiently manage therapeutic and regulatory aspects of drug development is critical. The TubeWriter 400 positions your lab at the forefront of operational efficiency and accuracy.

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Precision Labeling for Diverse Labware

The TubeWriter 400 is designed to meet the exacting standards of clinical research labs. So it effortlessly prints on a wide array of tubes and vials crucial for different stages of clinical testing and trials. These include: Daughter tubes and aliquoting secondary tubes, primary blood draw tubes, vacutainers, microcontainers and culture tubes (12 x 75mm), PCR, and other specialized tubes. The TubeWriter 400 significantly reduces labeling time, achieving up to 80% faster printing directly onto as many as 2,500 tubes per hour.

It is designed for seamless integration with Excel and LIMS, so label generation is effortless and requires minimal training. This allows your staff to focus significantly more on core lab activities.

Expanding Your Lab's Capabilities

With the TubeWriter 400, your lab can broaden its service offerings. For example, anatomic pathology, toxicology screening, biomarker services, biopharmaceutical development, clinical trials sample banking, operations in hematology labs, and more. This expansion aids in strengthening your position as a preferred partner for pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

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Driving Growth and Competitiveness

The TubeWriter 400 is a growth enabler for your lab. It optimizes labeling processes, therefore enhancing your lab’s profitability and competitive edge. It also allows your team to focus on high-value tasks, elevating job satisfaction and efficiency. By delivering high-quality, efficiently labeled samples, it fosters strategic partnerships. The TubeWriter 400 is trusted by leading CROs and clinical labs for its unparalleled efficiency and precision in tube and vial labeling. Discover how the TubeWriter 400 can transform your lab’s operations and further contribute to your success in the competitive field of clinical research.

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Work with Our Team of Industry Experts and Innovators

The TubeWriter Team loves a challenge.  Do you have a unique lab consumable or surface that needs to be labeled clearly? We’ve helped 100s of scientists automatically label exotic, curved surfaces used in proprietary assays, protocols, and experiments, including those provided by an extensive range of life sciences product manufacturers.

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