Master Cell Bank Vial Labeling

Master cell banks are critical to therapeutic development to avoid genetic variation and potential contamination by eliminating the total number of times a cell line is passaged or handled during the manufacturing process. For researchers who want to access specific master and working cell lines, master cell bank vial labeling requires dependable, readable cryovial labels.

What if you never had to apply a sticky label to a cryovial again?

Sticker labels floating at the bottom of cryo storage freezers cause nightmares and compliance issues for Master Cell Banks. The TubeWriter400 Labeling System comes out of the box with racks designed to hold up to 50 cryovials at time. That’s for direct printing on the sides, with up to 5 lines of text, barcodes, and images.

An additional rack comes included. So when required, you can print directly on cap inserts that are available from some manufacturers. UV-light cures the ink, so the vial labels are durable and easily last years in liquid nitrogen or -80 C conditions.

2 mL Corning Cryovial labeling

Label 50 Master Cell Bank Cryovials per Minute

Cut labeling time by more than 80% when you use the TubeWriter400 Labeling System. Print directly on your cryovials, cell culture plates, and sample aliquot tubes. Sticky labels and hand-labeling labware won’t be a bottleneck to groundbreaking research and new product development. Whether your cryogenic storage facility is the size of a refrigerator or a warehouse, we’ve got you covered.

UV-cured ink survives liquid nitrogen freezing down to -80C

TubeWriters print directly onto virtually any cryogenic storage vial. The thermally stable vial and tube labeling ink can withstand liquid nitrogen exposure and extreme temperatures. Freezers commonly reach -80 degree C (-112 degree F) for master and working cell banks. The Labeling System uses well-tested industrial inkjet technology. You don’t have to worry about lab labels hardening and coming off in cryogenic storage, because it does not use adhesives or stick-on vial labels. And because there is no label, you can use automated handling racks for matrix/micronic tubes without worrying about time-consuming jams.

Master Cell Bank Vial Labeling
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