The Fastest Direct Printer For Tube and Vial Labels

The TubeWriter Standard tube labeling machine automates the movement of a lab marker to print directly on any tube from Excel. This unit was formerly sold as ID Scribe.

The system cuts preparation time for tedious tube labeling work and ensures sample identification integrity at low temperatures.

Any Tube, Any Vial, Any Size: The TubeWriter Standard prints on almost anything that will fit under the inserted lab marker including the side or top of any tube, vial, histology cassette, microscope slide, cryovial, and more. Never go back to messy handwriting or sticky lab labels again.

No consumables: The TubeWriter Standard uses the same lab markers you are already using in your lab and provide the same benefits and limitations. A single lab marker can print thousands of tubes.

Excel Integration: No learning curve required. Using the TubeWriter Standard tube labeling  is as easy as opening excel and pressing print.

The TubeWriter Standard software receives text from excel to be printed onto your labware.

Select your tube type and confirm the number of tubes/vials to be printed and you are ready to go.

TubeWriter Standard

TubeWriter 360 Tube Labeling system interface

Specifications for TubeWriter Standard Tube Labeling System
(formerly ID Scribe)

Speed 200 – 1000 tubes/hour
Data Input Microsoft Excel, Text Delimited, LIMS databases, Custom integrations
Ink Options Waterproof
Media Types 96-well Plates                               Microscope SlidesCell Culture Plates                         PCR TubesCluster Tubes                               Petri DishesConical Tubes  (5, 15, 50ml)          Screw Cap Tubes

Cryogenic Vials                            Snap Cap Tubes (5, 15ml)

Microcentrifuge Tubes                   Custom Vials

Writing Surfaces Top (cap)                                     GlassSide (body)                                  Plastic
Printable Lines 3 lines with up to 21 characters per line (up to 63 characters per tube)
Tubes printed per run Standard: 6-96 depending on labware
Font Size 6-20 point
Connectivity USB (standard), Ethernet (optional)
Compatibility PC
Size and Weight Standard: 14.5″ x 16.5″ x 8″ (L x W x H), 14.2 lbs
Electrical 100-240 VAC 50/60hz
Warranty 30 day money-back satisfaction guarantee1 year parts and labor warranty