Viral Media Labeling

Many local Health Services providers are  forced to make Viral Transport Media in-house due to nationwide shortages caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, needing to label thousands of tubes per day for sample collection. We can help.

What if you could reallocate one or more full time employees by adopting a more efficient and reliable tube labeling system?


There is no need to guess at tare weights or standard concentrations when you can print the information directly onto your vials. And, because vial labeling is so easy with the TubeWriter 400, virtually anyone in your lab can do it. Simply open Excel and select print.

Eliminate cumbersome and time consuming application of adhesive labels.

The TubeWriter 400 can label all sizes of tubes. From microcentrifuge tubes to 50 mL centrifuge tubes, we can create a perfectly sized, durable label, helping you create the labels you need on all of your labware. The TubeWriter 400 can also print on both the sides and the cap of the tube.

viral transport media storage
5ml falcon (12x75mm) tubes

Streamline Viral Transpost Media Tube Labeling

Barcode standards such as Data Matrix, Linear, 2D, Code 128, Code 39 are all possible using the TubeWriter 400 tube labeling system. This enhanced capability allows you to integrate barcode scanners to read the tubes and record data into your systems. Rather than worrying about reading text, take your samples and start scanning them. Positive identification means no human errors during the tube labeling process.

tubewriter team

Work with Our Team of Industry Experts and Innovators

The TubeWriter Team loves a challenge.  Do you have a unique lab consumable or surface that needs to be labeled clearly? We’ve helped 100s of scientists automatically label exotic, curved surfaces used in proprietary assays, protocols, and experiments, including those provided by an extensive range of life sciences product manufacturers.

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