Most pharmaceutical and biotech companies rely on the therapeutic and regulatory expertise of contract research organizations to help with the costly and time-intensive drug development process. This means many manufacturers are seeking reliable techniques for tube labeling for clinical testing, trials, and more.
As a leader in the Clinical Trial and Toxicology testing field, you can maximize your cost competitiveness and help pharmaceutical sponsors minimize their time-to-market with theTubeWriter™ 360. This easy-to-use labeling machine directly and quickly prints onto virtually any tube, vial or container, including:
  • Daughter tubes
  • Aliquoting Secondary tubes
  • Primary blood draw tubes
  • Vacutainers
  • Microcontainers
  • Culture tubes – 12 x 75mm
  • Blood tubes
  • PCR tubes
  • Any tube or vial that fits under the inkjet print head

BD Vacutainers Labeled

Spend Less Time on Tube and Vial Labeling

What if you could eliminate one full time employee (FTE) or more by simply streamlining tube labeling for clinical testing?

The TubeWriter™ 360 labeling machine performs tube printing up to 80 percent faster than other lab label methods. There is virtually no learning curve for reference laboratory employees who easily open Excel and press print to generate tube and vial labels. The TubeWriter™ 360 does the rest—using its ink jet delivery system to print directly onto up to 2,500 tubes per hour.

Deliver High-quality Samples,
Aliquots with Better Vial Labeling

If you want to create lab labels with information from an LIMS or custom database, the TubeWriter™ 360 offers custom database integration and prints up to 5 lines of text, depending on your labware. Further increase accurate specimen identification with linear, 2D data matrix or other bar codes as well as optional logos, warning symbols and manufacturing marks.

Leverage Inkjet Printing Technology
for Clinical Lab Growth

Successful clinical labs and CROs may find new revenue opportunities by broadening their spectrum of services. Pharmaceutical and biotech companies increasingly rely on you to perform quality work faster and more efficiently. With high-speed automation of vial and tube labeling, the TubeWriter™ 360 can help you grow your reference laboratory services, including:

  • Anatomic pathology services
  • Toxiocology Screening
  • Biomarker services
  • Biopharmaceutical development
  • Clinical trials sample banking
  • Hematology labs
  • Reference Labs

By efficiently and cost-effectively delivering more of the services pharmaceutical companies need, pharmaceutical companies can reallocate resources and make strategic investments in their core competencies, such as manufacturing. Everybody wins!

Increase Profitability, Competitiveness
with TubeWriter 360

See why contract research organizations trust the TubeWriter™ 360 to help with clinical testing, toxicology research and other trial-related duties. Eliminate the need for one FTE and let other employees focus on job duties they love the most. The TubeWriter™ 360will quickly become a valued member of your organization. Let us show you how.



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