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Sample Identification

I hate labeling tubes! – The 5 Biggest Issues With Sample Identification

By Sample Identification

5 issues

As you might imagine, we deal with a lot of lab technicians, research associates, scientists, post docs, lab managers, supervisor and yes, even directors who have to deal either directly or indirectly with sample identification. Over the years, we’ve collected a laundry list of issues they mention with labeling the collections tubes. 

So we thought, we’d share the five biggest issues with sample identification so you can solve them before they happen!

1.  Volume and throughput.

This is by far the biggest issue we see with sample identification.  Even with the increased use of microplates and microarrays, labeling of individual tubes continues to grows as life science research grows and new diagnostic tests are introduced.  Whether it’s an “all hands on deck labeling party” or just the daily Read More

Top 5 Considerations in Choosing a Unique Identifier (UID)

By Sample Identification

choosing a unique identifierAs a lab operation grows, so does the need to have unique identifiers (UID) for each sample to track its processing and associate particular biological / chemical properties and analytical results.  Often, the first step in implementing a new process or adopting a laboratory information management system (LIMS) is choosing a unique identifier, specifically the length and format.

1. Number of samples 

While this may seem obvious, the more samples your lab processes in a given time, the longer your UID will need to be.  For example, if your lab processes Read More