Lab Sample Labeling Automation

Labeling samples in a laboratory can be a challenging task.  At TubeWriter we offer a great solution to this problem and more.

The Client and the Challenge

Scientists at GSK were struggling to maintain data integrity and lab organization due to their manual labeling process. They came together to have labeling parties, trying both handwritten and sticker labels, but neither could fit enough information to meet their quality needs. The handwritten labels were often too messy to read, and the sticker labels would not be able to hold up in liquid nitrogen, resulting in samples with no label at all in cryo-storage.

How TubeWriter Helped

The TubeWriter prints labels directly from Excel, allowing scientists to eliminate human error when copying information onto labels, and there is no messy handwriting to interpret. Samples are labeled quickly and effectively, cancelling all labeling parties. The TubeWriter fits all the needed information and the labels are durable, even in liquid nitrogen. The lab freezer is now neatly organized, garnering complements from fellow scientists due to the TubeWriter labels.

Client Testimonial

“In my mind, I don’t know why every floor wouldn’t want to have one.”

The Benefits of Automated Tube Labeling for Your Team

Automated tube labeling provides our clients with many benefits. It can improve accuracy, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. By using the TubeWriter inkjet system, you can also save time and money, as well as reduce the risk of errors. Automated tube labeling can help your company streamline their processes and ensure accuracy in its results.

The Client and the Challenge

Labeling samples in a laboratory can be a challenging task. It often involves manually transcribing data from Excel onto labels, which can be prone to errors due to human error. Additionally, handwriting can be challenging to read, leading to further confusion. The TubeWriter offers a great solution to this problem. It prints labels directly from Excel, eliminating the need for manual transcription and reducing the risk of errors. The labels are also highly durable, even in liquid nitrogen, and can fit all the necessary information.

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