GSK tube labeling

The Client and the Challenge

Scientists at GSK faced challenges in upholding data integrity and lab organization owing to their manual labeling procedures. Collaborative efforts were made through labeling sessions, experimenting with handwritten and sticker labels. However, both approaches fell short of meeting quality requirements. Handwritten labels proved frequently illegible, while sticker labels failed to withstand the harsh conditions of liquid nitrogen, leading to unlabeled samples in cryo-storage.

How TubeWriter Helped

The TubeWriter enables the direct printing of labels from Excel, eliminating the risk of human error in transferring information to labels and eliminating the need for deciphering messy handwriting. This streamlines the labeling process, rendering labeling parties obsolete. The TubeWriter accommodates all necessary information on labels, ensuring durability even in the challenging conditions of liquid nitrogen. As a result, the lab freezer is now meticulously organized, earning praise from fellow scientists for the clarity and durability of TubeWriter labels.

Client Testimonial

“In my mind, I don’t know why every floor wouldn’t want to have one.”

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The Client and the Challenge

Labeling samples in a laboratory can be a challenging task. It often involves manually transcribing data from Excel onto labels, which can be prone to errors due to human error. Additionally, handwriting can be challenging to read, leading to further confusion. The TubeWriter offers a great solution to this problem. It prints labels directly from Excel, eliminating the need for manual transcription and reducing the risk of errors. The labels are also highly durable, even in liquid nitrogen, and can fit all the necessary information.

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