Lab Sample Labeling Automation

Labeling samples in a laboratory can be a challenging task.  At TubeWriter we offer a great solution to this problem and more.

The Client and the Challenge

Intel was paying highly skilled researchers to spend hours every day labeling samples with a sharpie. The labels had low legibility and durability, and the researcher’s hands were sore from writing all day. One even described the experience as “having a claw for a hand” after a day of labeling. All of that work was often for nothing, as the ink would rub off easily, making samples hard to track.

How TubeWriter Helped

The TubeWriter can create easy-to-read and durable labels on over a thousand samples in just an hour. Researchers are no longer having to spend their valuable working hours creating labels. SKUs cannot be wiped off as samples change hands, allowing samples to be easily tracked, and increasing compliance within the lab.

Client Testimonial

The Results: The TubeWriter created immense time and labour savings by increasing “lab labeling speed by 481.5%.”

The Benefits of Automated Tube Labeling for Your Team

5ml falcon (12x75mm) tubes

Say goodbye to manual labeling and hello to increased productivity and accuracy with the TubeWriter. This advanced machine can label over a thousand samples in just an hour, freeing up valuable time for researchers to focus on their work. The easy-to-read and durable labels are resistant to wiping or smudging, ensuring that samples are properly tracked and increasing compliance within the lab. Automating your tube labeling with the TubeWriter is a smart investment for any lab looking to streamline operations and improve efficiency.

5ml falcon (12x75mm) tubes

The Client and the Challenge

The manual and time-consuming process of labeling tubes and vials can lead to inaccuracies, mismanagement, and decreased productivity. Intel faced lab challenges to find a solution that could automate the labeling process, improve accuracy, and increase overall efficiency. The TubeWriter offers a solution to this challenge by providing a fast and reliable means of labeling a wide variety of tubes and vials, reducing the risk of errors and freeing up valuable time for their researchers to focus on their work.

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