Barcode Labels Are Now the Norm for Lab Success

One unidentified vial, one missing tube, or one unaccounted for sample can result in exponential costs to a scientific or research lab. As a solution, many labs are turning to barcode identification for their laboratory labels.

Unfortunately, pre-barcoded life science labware products are expensive and inflexible. But, with TubeWriter™ 360, you can add barcode labels virtually any lab media on the fly for about a penny per tube label.

Save on tube labeling while avoiding the prohibitive impact of lost sample vials.

With TubeWriter™ 360:

  • Reagent manufacturers can ensure reagent identification for less
  • Clinical studies can reduce multi-million dollar costs
  • Drug researchers can reign in billion-dollar budgets

Increase Tube Labeling Flexibility with TubeWriter™ 360 Barcode Labeling

Print barcodes directly onto any vial with TubeWriter™ 360. Don’t get locked into a relationship with a manufacturer of proprietary, pre-barcoded lab media when TubeWriter™ 360 lets you add barcode labels virtually anything.

Very few manufacturers sell tubes or vials with preprinted barcodes. As a result, barcode tube labeling manufacturers control the price you pay as well as the tubes you use: generally cluster or criovial tubes. If you get locked into a multi-year agreement with a supplier of prebarcoded tubes, you’ll face significant costs to switch over historical samples that have been stored in micro-centrifuge, conical, screw caps and other lab media to the manufacturer’s preferred barcoded tube.

Control Barcode IDs Over Time and Across Experiments

Which would you rather use: A random, ten-digit bar code supplied by a tube manufacturer or your own unique identifier matching your requirements?TubeWriter™ 360 lets you mix your choice of letters and numbers so you can print 1D (linear) bar codes as well as 2D barcodes.

Lab media that come pre-barcoded typically restrict you to random ten digit codes supplied by a tube manufacturer. This means you’ll need valuable laboratory staff to manually link random, manufacturer-assigned barcode identifiers with your own laboratory information management system (LIMS).

But what if you could print any tube or vial with your own lettering and numbering system? With TubeWriter™ 360 you can. Create barcode identifiers at the time of your experiment and print on demand. Change barcodes over time as your requirements change. TubeWriter™ 360 continuously adapts to your needs and lets you directly integrate with your laboratory information system (LIS).

Choose Your Lab Media and Your Barcode System

Whatever labware you choose, TubeWriter™ 360 will print directly onto its surface, including plastic, metal or glass surface. There are no sticky labels to fall off—regardless of the sample storage methods you use.

For an easy-to-scan barcode, set up TubeWriter™ 360 to print 1D or linear barcodes. If you need more redundancy, choose 2D barcode printing. The TubeWriter™ 360adapts to all of the preferred barcode standards used in the life sciences. In addition to 1D and 2D barcodes, you can print data matrix, Code 128 and Code 39 barcodes as well as any numbers, letters and symbols you require.

With TubeWriter™ 360 you can implement a customizable barcode system that gives you flexibility to use the labware you want while saving on your bottom line. Contact us today, and you can start using customized barcoded tubes for reliable sample storage within a matter of days.


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