Author name: Jason Virunurm

On-Demand Barcoding

On-Demand Barcoding One unidentified vial, one missing tube, or one unaccounted-for sample can result in exponential costs to a scientific or research lab. So, many labs are turning to on-demand barcoding identification for their laboratory labels. What if you could create your own custom barcode for every sample? Unfortunately, pre-barcoded life science labware products are …

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histology cassettes labeled

Biobanks and Biorepositories

Biobanks And Biorepositories Biobanks and  biorepositories play a pivotal role in therapeutic development. The secure and protected storage of biological specimens is absolutely vital. For technicians working in these facilities, the TubeWriter 400 offers an innovative solution. This includes ensuring dependable, readable labels on tubes, vials, and tissue cassettes. What if your labels never fell …

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doctor holding nasal swab

Specimen Idenitification

Specimen Identification For scientists engaged in clinical trials for biotech and pharmaceutical companies, as well as law enforcement professionals utilizing PCR-based DNA assays, accurate and efficient specimen identification is crucial. The TubeWriter 400 offers a comprehensive solution for these specialized labeling needs, catering to both sectors’ stringent requirements for specimen identification. What if you never …

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Sample ID

Sample Identification In the high-stakes world of clinical trials for biotech and pharmaceutical companies, reliable sample ID is paramount. Ensuring the integrity and quality of samples is crucial, particularly when dealing with PCR-based assays, next-gen sequencing, and handling of cell lines, tissues, blood, and library samples. The TubeWriter 400 is as an essential tool in …

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